Zoë’s Kitchen

We eat out a lot.. like really a lot.. but never gave a thought to how the kids food in Charlotte tastes, so today I hit up Zoë’s Kitchen and got the chicken salad sandwich kids meal with sun chips :)

There is an adult version of the chicken salad available that I will probably try next time I go to Zoë’s Kitchen but I’ve got to say.. if you’re a kid and you like chicken salad.. go to Zoë’s Kitchen. The first thing I noticed when I opened the kids meal was that they took the liberty of cutting off the unsightly crust without even asking. The chicken salad itself was pretty good (for kids) and lacked a lot of the strong flavors that might be off-putting to some children.

All-in-all I would have to say that the chicken salad kids meal passed my first kids meal test. Children all around Charlotte can rejoice and know that if they go to Zoë’s Kitchen they will find something delicious :)

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