Zen Asian Fusion

We hit up Zen Asian Fusion for the first time this week while celebrating a close friend’s last night in Charlotte. We weren’t going specifically to do a typical review so this is just a brief summary of what we thought.

We got a huge variety of different tapas plates from both sides of the menu and split them between our group of friends. We had pork spring rolls, crab spring rolls, calamari, pot stickers, hot and sour soup, chorizo salteado, frijoles negros, firecracker roll, grilled salmon, etc… like I said, we got a lot of food.

We thought for the most part everything was pretty good but some plates were easily better than others. The pot stickers were mind blowing but the black bean soup was awful, the hot and sour soup rivaled pf changs, but the chorizo was less than impressive.

Any restaurant that combines the amazing flavors of both Asian and Spanish cuisine will face a difficult task to do either of them perfectly. Zen Asian Fusion made for a great night out but if you’re looking to get the best of either world you might want to stick with restaurants that specialize in them.


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