Zeitouni Grill

The name Zeitouni means “olive”, but to us it means amazing food and serves as the location of our latest review. After sitting in the Earthfare parking lot for 15 minutes trying to figure out where in South Charlotte we haven’t already eaten… we spotted from a distance what looked to be a new restaurant.

Zeitouni Grill is set as a small corner cafe with a traditional menu and the best Mediterranean food we have ever eaten. From falafel and baklava to gyros and shish kabobs, Zeitouni makes it delicious.

On our visit we wanted to try a variety of food so we chose the mixed platter which came with one skewer each of shish kefta, shish tawooq and shish kabob, served on top of rice with a side of fatoush, hummus and pita bread. We also got a gyro on Greek bread with lettuce, tomatoes, and yogurt sauce
and for dessert we tried the baklava and baklava fingers.

The gyro was by far the best gyro we have ever had. The lamb was juicy and tender, cooked to perfection stuffed inside the best bread we have ever eaten with a gyro.

The mixed platter came with such a diverse mix of amazing flavors we had a hard time choosing our favorite and is one of the easiest recommendation we can give. Traditional flavors with the smell and taste of fire grilled fresh ingredients created the best dinner we have had in a long time.

Nothing could have ended the dinner better than the baklava and baklava fingers. Both of which were delicious and addictive. We we’re also given the opportunity to try the Turkish coffee and found it to be a strong coffee lovers dream served in mini coffee cups with a faint trace of cardiman.

Zeitouni is sure to be a hit in the area and a refreshing break from your normal Showmars. If you havent tried Zeitouni yet, try it tonight :)


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