Zapata’s Cantina

I just got back from trying Zapata’s Cantina  in Ballantyne and my experience…. well it was different. The place was packed so I opted to sit at the bar for quicker service. The bartender was really friendly and came over right away to get my drink and take my order. While waiting I ate the chips and salsa both of which were good… chips average, salsa a little better than average. The carnitas arrived and I immediately got right to the business at hand and started my analysis. The rice was average… the beans were average… the carnitas…. well…. they werent carnitas… it took me only a few minutes to figure out what it was about these “carnitas” that reminded me of something else. They were not prepared, seasoned or presented in any of the obviously authentic carnitas styles… they in fact more closely resembled pork chops.

Now I know im probably going to hear… well no duh thats bc they’re both pork… but that would be the equivelant of saying a burger should taste like a steak bc they’re both beef. The so called “carnitas” werent bad… in fact once I could pinpoint that they tasted like pork chops I kinda enjoyed them, as pork chops though… not carnitas.

The restaurant had a great look to it, by far NOT the worst mexican food I’ve ever had… but not the greatest either. Id say this place stands just like the salsa as being just a little above average.

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