Zack’s Hamburgers

I don’t know how I’ve lived in Charlotte for so long and never knew of Zack’s Hamburgers until recently. They’ve been around for nearly 4 decades and since our first visit the Zack’s Special burger has been on top of our Best Burgers in Charlotte list.

Zacks Hamburgers

Fifteen years after the first double arch invaded the queen city the Demopolous Family opened Zack’s Hamburgers on the corner of South blvd and Scaleybark. That puts them being as old as Wheel of Fortune and from a day and age where there was a Ford in the White House and Mustang fans across the country were watching their beloved pony get tied up by an oil crisis. For nearly 4 decades Zack’s Hamburgers has been serving up quality food without all of the glitz and glam of some of the area’s other burger joints. 2013 did however bring a little glam to Zack’s when it was chosen as the location for an episode of Showtime’s Emmy Award winning “Homeland”.

Zack’s Hamburgers has a menu diverse enough for picky eaters and quality that is hard to beat. Menu Link

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