Vietnam Grille

We hit up the Vietnam Grille last night and had some mixed emotions. It was our first experience with Vietnamese food and with years of Chinese food behind us we might have been a little skewed on our opinion.

We started the night out with the steamed dumplings served with ginger sauce and scallions. Steamed dumplings are no stranger to our taste buds and these ones were pretty exceptional. The dough was sticky and delicious but I think I still prefer fried over steamed any day.

Ella got the rice vermicelli with Char-grilled beef and absolutely loved it. This was her first time getting vermicelli noodles and when they were drenched in the special house sauce they made for an amazing dinner.

I got the chicken and steamed rice with the hot and spicy curry sauce. The dish wasn’t my favorite by a long shot but I wouldn’t say that was Vietnam Grille’s fault at all. This was my first experience with Vietnamese food and I found my dish to be lacking the strong flavors I’ve become accustomed to finding at Chinese restaurants. I’m a sesame chicken addict and I think I dove into this dish with the wrong expectations.

If I have a choice.. I’m shooting for Chinese food. But if Vietnamese food is your thing, you should definitely check out the Vietnam grille on South Blvd.

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