Viddlz Alerts – La’Wan’s Soul Food – Barre’ Cajun

We checked out La’Wan’s Soul Food recently thanks to Viddlz and loved every last famous fried pork bite :) Whats Viddlz? Viddlz is a new app recently unveiled in the Charlotte area that links you to your favorite restaurants and alerts you when your favorite dish is available. Maybe its Fourth Ward Bread Co. Kronuts you’re craving, or 1/2 price tapas at Zen Fusion, or maybe its drink specials on a Friday night… either way Viddlz has you covered. The Viddlz app alert system displays daily drink and food specials from restaurants and bars you select.



We’ve been using the service for the last month and its been great at helping us decide where we go for lunch and dinner on a daily basis. La’Wan’s Soul Food is part of the Viddlz restaurant options and we checked them out recently to see if they had anything that Mert’s Heart and Soul didn’t. Despite having a fully stocked buffet for only $10 I decided to get the World Famous Fried Pork Chop with Macaroni & Cheese, Collard Greens, and Corn Bread on my visit.

LaWans Soul Food

Everything was on point and delicious but the Fried Pork Chop drowning in hot sauce was easily the best bite of the night. The customer service, personality, and food ranked s solid 10 out of 10 for us and worth checking out if you haven’t already.

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After La’Wan’s Soul Food we checked out Barre’ Homestyle Cooking in Elizabeth and for $25 got Lasagna, Mac & Cheese, a Roll, a Salad, Sausage and Grilled Onion PoBoy Sandwich, Potato Salad, Baked Chicken, Yams, Italian Green Beans, and Corn Bread. A little bit of money goes a long way at Barre’ and despite being in an unusual location the food was great. The Mac & Cheese was some of the best we had ever tried from a restaurant, the lasagna was full of flavor, the baked chicken had bold flavors and a little spice, the yams we’re so sweet they made for the perfect dessert.

If you’re craving Cajun and are in the Elizabeth area give Barre’ a shot and download the Viddlz app to stay connected with all of their special daily deals.

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