True Crafted Pizza

True Crafted Pizza just opened in South Charlotte and it didn’t take us long to fall in love with them. As the story goes… In the summer of 2012, three families got together with the goal of creating the best pizza restaurant in Charlotte, NC. In their quest to create the “best” pizza, they traveled from New York to San Francisco, from New Haven to Los Angeles, and virtually everywhere in between in search of the perfect pizza. At TRUE Crafted Pizza, they take an artisan’s approach to making pizza. With help from Harry Peemoeller, a renowned baker/professor at Johnson & Wales University (one of Ella’s former instructors), they developed what they believe to be a perfect pizza dough recipe.

The menu features two distinct styles of pizza, the Traditional Oven Baked Pizza and the Signature Grilled Pizzas. This second type of pizza is unique to TRUE Crafted Pizza and is not offered anywhere else in Charlotte. We love unique flavors and if TRUE is the only place in the Queen City offering grilled pizzas then the decision on what we were going to order was pretty obvious. We started with the Crispy Risotto Fritters with creamy fontina cheese and fresh herbs, and then we split the Grilled BLT Pizza with bacon, grilled romaine lettuce, tomato with ranch dressing.

The risotto fritters were addictive, artery clogging, and smile inducing fried balls of risotto dripping with fontina cheese. The grilled blt pizza was delicious but we thought there might have been a little too much lettuce. So much lettuce that the pizza felt more like a giant salad than a grilled pizza. We loved TRUE crafted pizzas and can easily recommend you stopping by the next time you have a pizza craving in South Charlotte.


Our pictures didn’t turn out half as nice as the stock photos on the TRUE website… so instead of showing our boring photos we opted for a gallery of gorgeous photos created by TRUE Crafted Pizza.


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