Tokyo One Express

We hit up Tokyo One Express for dinner and it was delicious!

We’ve been to this restaurant awhile back but decided we should go back to give them a proper review. First off, the lady behind the counter was super awesome and more than helpful (even started getting excited when we were taking pictures of the place). Ella and I both had the same things on our mind for dinner.. teriyaki chicken or hibachi chicken. So she got one and i got the other then headed back home to eat our grub on the couch and watch tv with cocoa, daphne and charlie – the pit bull puppy.

Before I left I had to take a shot of this beautiful flower!

Back at home we started unpacking everything from our bag and laid out everything for the photo-shoot. I’m still working on getting a new lens, so some of the pics aren’t coming out as good as I would like (really just depends on the lighting).

Both the hibachi chicken and the teriyaki chicken were delicious. The guy threw it together in less than 5 minutes and we enjoyed it for the next two days. Ella’s came with mixed veggies and I opted out of the veggies for more rice and sweet carrots. The chicken was perfect.. the sauces were average.. the rice was rice and the carrots were mouthwatering.

Drown it all in shrimp sauce and all of your worries quickly become a faint distant memory :)

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