Three Amigos

I just got back from Three Amigos and it was amazing. I was enormously disappointed to find there were no carnitas on the menu, but was assured by the waitress that plenty of people have been requesting it and they are looking into adding it to the menu.

So… to the good stuff, the chips were great and strikingly similar to those served at Loco Lime, the regular salsa was good though a little on the bland side, the hot salsa had an interestingly sweet side at first taste then the heat crept up on me and was great. The quacamole was perfect and offered the perfect refuge from the heat of the hot salsa. The greatest thing on the table was by far the queso…. HOLY WOW!!!!! If for some reason you try the queso and dont fall in love, you probably dont have any business eating mexican food. The queso is served over chorizo and topped with grilled onions and is by far the BEST QUESO EVER!!!!!!

For the entree I ordered the steak fajitas and they came out hot and sizzly. The flavors were truely authentic and I loved every last bite. The steak, onion, bell pepper and tomato blend wrapped in a fresh corn tortilla melted in my mouth and transported me to mexican food heaven.

On a second trip to Three Amigos I ordered a multitude of tacos… Carne Asada, Chorizo, Pastor, Beef Tongue, Chicken and Ground Beef. The waitress on my second trip was a little ackward and appeared to not understand anything I was ordering which resulted in my carne asada taco coming out as a ground feef taco instead. The chorizo taco was great, as I would have expected. The Pastor taco was great but comes nowhere close to matching the pastor taco at El Vallerta Mex-Express in Waxhaw. The beef tongue taco was my first encounter with beef tongue ane might end up my last. The meat wasnt seasoned especially well and with the beef tongue being soft and mushy I couldnt shake the mental restraint telling me “Hey, you’re eating a cows tongue”. The chicken taco was plain, which I find is common among shredded chicken taco’s. The ground beef tacos were plain as well which left me wishing I was at Pacos Tacos in Southpark wating they’re gringo taco instead.

The staff is always incredibly friendly and I can easily recommend this place for anyone in the area looking to get amazing and authentic mexican food.

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