Texas Inn (Lynchburg)

Any trip to Lynchburg, Va must be accompanied by a trip the the Texas Inn, or as we call it… “the T-room”. The T-room is a local favorite and has a huge following. It’s a tiny low dive type of place that seats 1000… but only 10 at at time. Few of the employees have all of their teeth, and they love screaming back and forth from the register to the line, which is about 3 feet away.

My first taste of the T-room came when I was only a few days old and my passifier was dipped in T-room chili. I was instatntly hooked and even now I cant bring myself to visit lynchburg without stopping in for a cheesy. Since it’s open late they really start hopin when all of the bars close and the locals stream in ordering things like a cheesy all the way, a bowl with, or a hot going. They “dont cash checks or play with bumble bees” and they just recently started taking debit cards.

This trip to Lynchburg was no different.

We stopped in for lunch and the place was already packed. We found a couple of stools and received a friendly greating… which is kind of unusual. I order what I always have, a cheesy all the way, which is a cheeseburger with a fried egg, relish and onion. It was delicious as always and instantly brought me back to the hundreds of trips to the room and the cheesy westerns I have enjoyed over the years.

Curtis got a cheesy all the way no onions, but he also decided to try something else on the menu… something that I have never done.  He got a chicken salad sandwich, which was actually pretty delicious and even made me consider trying something new.

The gentelman next to us gave us some insider info on things not featured on the menu and thanks to him the cheesy with bacon is our new favorite!

The T-room is and always will be one of my favorite places. Not only is the food great but it has a personality to it that I haven’t found anywhere else. Thank God Christmas is coming soon so I can go back for more cheesys.
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