Sunflour Baking Company

We went to the Sunflour Baking Company after our dismal dining experience at Copper Modern Indian Cuisine and thankfully found something to give us a smile to bring home. Sunflour has some of the similar offerings you find at Amelie’s but with a vegan / all natural twist and without the funky vibe or french names. They have fresh bakes pastries, cupcakes, pies, cakes, drinks, etc.. and on our trip we went with a simple slice of coconut cream pie and a chai tea.



The coconut cream pie was good.. not exactly a mind blowing experience.. but still pretty good. The coconut was abundant and there was a generous amount of thick cream on top. I didn’t care much for the crust, but that might very well be a personal preference and not an all encompassing opinion of Sunflour.


The chai tea latte was pretty good but nothing over the top. The chai flavor was a little lacking but it was nice and frothy … which we like :)


Overall we liked Sunflour and if you’re looking for an all natural vegan hangout to satisfy your sweet tooth we would recommend it. Nothing blew us away on our first trip.. but they didn’t have anything bad either so that means we will be going again :)


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