Sundae Shop

On our way to go camping for the wekend at Morrow Mountain we came across the Sundae Shop and decided to drop in for a bite to eat. We were pressed for time and just needed a little fix to hold us over until we got to the campsite so we got an order of onion rings and a blt. Usually a blt is pretty self-explanatory but for some reason the girl behind the counter thought it necessary to ask what we would like on it… to which we replied ” ummmm… bacon.. lettuce.. and tomato.. ”

After a short wait we had our food in hand and we’re ready to hit the road again, but not before taking some pictures :)

The onion rings were the star of the show on this trip and the blt fell flat. The onion rings were thin sliced and perfectly fried with a delicious and crunchy exterior. The blt was best described as a junior bacon cheeseburger without the burger. A blt is best served on a toasted piece of sandwich bread.. not a hamburger bun. The bacon, lettuce and tomato were all on par with what would be expected but the hamburger bun just threw the whole blt experience off for us.

Next time we head out to Morrow Mountain we will definitely be hitting up the Sundae Shop again.. but not for the blt.

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