Sub Station II

I finally got around to trying a local favorite. Sub Station II has been in Elizabeth for a while but I cant say I see why.

I got a Club all the way no onions and thought I was in for a treat while watching them prepare it. The meat was sliced fresh, the toppings were piled high and the sandwich was enormous. But after just one bite… I was disappointed. The bread was bland and flavorless, the meat was lost in the mix, the oil and vinegar appeared completely absent. The only parts of the sandwich I enjoyed were the rare bites I ha full of BACON!!!! Outside of that though… flavorless and not worth the time.

With a Jersey Mikes across the street, I cant say I would recommend this place to anybody. The food wasnt bad… it just wasnt as good as it could have been.
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  1. The food was better when it was Sub Station II. As for paying a Nazi towing company to harass customers, this is no way to keep old customers or add new ones. I made the fatal mistake of going into Dollar General before going to Sandwich Max. In less than 10 minutes, my car was booted and smartass towing predator (no uniform or badge indicating he was with a company; driving a beat-up van; he could have been a scam artist) had his hand out for my credit card. I guess I should be “grateful;” at least he let me pay by credit card. I’ve heard other folks have been required to pay cash. Suppose they didn’t have 50 bucks on them? Neither Sandwich Max nor any other merchant (I was a customer at sandwich shop, Visart, and Dollar General) in that strip center has to worry about me setting car or foot on the premises ever again. Eating places are a dime a dozen, there’s a Dollar General on every almost corner, and there’s Netflix for videos.

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