Stadium Sports Tavern

I check out Stadium Sports Tavern while hanging out with one of my best friends tonight and we got some stuff to say :)

We got there around 7ish and the place was about half packed with no wait. The real fun began when we met our waitress for the night… I mean real fun. Within seconds of sitting down we were greeted by a very nice waitress that wanted to take our drink order: When she asked what we would like to drink we asked what the specials were for the night.. meaning drink specials.. being that she just asked us about drinks. She proceeded to recite all of the dinner specials for the night with absolutely no idea that we were asking about drink specials. Simple mistake, sure… but made for a good laugh after she left.

After our drinks arrived we placed our dinner order… I got the carolina burger and onion rings while my friend got the stadium bacon burger with fries. A couple minutes later our waitress came back to make sure he ordered fries.. because she forgot. A couple more minutes and our food arrived.

My carolina burger was good.. not great. All burgers to mean are good by default unless you really screw them up and they didn’t screw anything up. The chili was faint.. the kaiser roll should have been a bun.. the cheese was plentiful and the toppings were toppings. The best thing on my plate was easily the onion rings… thick battered and fried to an amazing crisp, the only thing that made them better was drowning in ranch dressing :)

The place can best be described as average. There’s really nothing at Stadium Sports Tavern that will draw me back for a second visit but nothing bad enough to discourage anybody from trying it for themselves.

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