Smashburger Pre-Grand Opening

Smashburger has now arrived in Charlotte, NC. Located in the Stonecrest shopping center, Smashburger is the latest addition to Charlotte’s ever growing restaurant scene. I was invited to the pre-grand opening event to sample some of the delicious food now being offered in south Charlotte.

When Ella  and I arrived for the pre-grand opening event we were greeted at the front door by a staff of friendly people just waiting to show off the great food they had to offer. We were told to try anything on the menu and order as much as we would like too because everything would be free and they wanted us to try as much as we wanted :) I don’t think there is anything I love more than FREE FOOD!!!! We decided to try the BBQ Ranch Chicken Sandwich, the Carolina Burger, the Smashfries, the Sweet Potato Fries, the Fried Pickles, the Brunswick Fries, two IBC bottled root beers and five different shake samples. I know, I know… that’s alot of food… but it was free!!!! So we couldn’t resist :)

The BBQ Chicken Sandwich was amazing! Complete with Crispy or Grilled Chicken, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Haystack Onions, Lettuce, Tomato, BBQ Sauce and Ranch Dressing on an egg bun… the BBQ Chicken Sandwich at Smashburger was one of my favorite Chicken Sandwich’s anywhere and the easiest recommendation I can give for Smashburger.

The Brunswick Fries had mixed opinions throughout their Charlotte debut. Some people didn’t like them.. some said they were ok… but I liked them. They reminded my alot of an upgraded version of Backyard Burgers Chili Cheese Fries. The menu described the Brunswick Fries as being Smashfries with Brunswick stew and shredded cheese over top. I didn’t taste any Brunswick stew on the fries… but what I did taste was pulled pork with a little bit of corn mixed in over top of crispy fries and topped with shredded cheese. I thought the Brunswick Fries were delicious and despite the mixed feeling at their debut, I would recommend them.

The Carolina Burger is something unique to this location and not offered anywhere else. Made with Pimina Cheese, BBQ Sauce and Vidalia Onion BBQ Slaw on an Egg Bun, the Smashburger Carolina Burger was unlike any other Carolina Burger I have ever had. The Pimina Cheese oozed out of the sides and the Vidalia Onion BBQ Slaw covered a delicious 100% Angus Beef Patty. The Smashburger Carolina Burger was delicious and an easy recommendation.

The Fried Pickles were thick cut dill pickles, battered and deep fried served with buttermilk ranch dressing. They tasted alot like the fried pickles you get at Macs Speed Shop, which are of course amazing. I prefer really thin cut fried pickles… so they weren’t my favorite… but that’s just a personal preference. If you like thick cut fried pickles, Smashburger makes exactly what you are looking for!

The Sweet Potato Smashfries and the original Smashfries were well above your average french fries. Tossed in rosemary, olive oil and garlic, the Smashfries make for the perfect companion to any burger and sandwich at Smashburger. Drench them in either the buttermilk ranch or cover them in ketchup and mustard, either way you cant go wrong with Smashfries!

While eating the mega banquet laid out in front of us, the staff also walked around with samples of the many flavors of Haagan-Dazs milkshakes that Smashburger also offers.  We tried the Nutterbutter, the Reeses, the Strawberry, the Vanilla and the Banana Pudding Milkshakes. Every one of them were amazing and should accompany anything you order when going to Smashburger. My favorite however, was the nutterbutter milkshake!!!

There are plenty of other burger options around Charlotte, but none has to offer what Smashburger does. I welcome Smashburger to south Charlotte and look forward to seeing them grow in our city. If you are in the area and are looking to try something new, stop by the Stonecrest shopping center and try out the newest burger joint in Charlotte.

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