Smashburger opened a few months ago and we were invited to attend the Smashburger pre-grand opening event. Since then Smashburger has maintained its dominance as a hot-topic in Charlotte’s ever emerging restaurant scene. We wrote a review for the pre-grand opening event and tonight we visited the south Charlotte burger maker once more. The first time around we got all of our food for free so we ended up trying a TON of stuff.. like really way more than we could ever normally eat but it was free so we figured why not??? Well tonight we were eating on a budget so all we got were an order of smashfries, a custom-made smashburger and the spicy baja chicken sandwich.

Unfortunately… that’s not what came out :( Instead they brought a spicy baja burger to the table. As good as it looked we weren’t really feelin the baja burger tonight so we explained to them the mistake and they swapped out the burger for the chicken sandwich with no problems. they even let us keep the burger and It became breakfast for the next day :)

The smashfries are a constant favorite of ours and on our list of Foodies Favorites.They’re tossed in rosemary, olive oil and garlic. Drown them in some ranch dressing and you’ve got the best fries from a quick service restaurant ever!!!

All of the burgers and sandwichs are topped with fresh ingredients.

I got a custom made smashburger with lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo, bbq sauce, grilled onions and haystack onions on top of a chipotle bun. I know two types of onions might sounds like a lot…. but the haystack onions are so thin and fried that they pretty much are only there to add that fried flavor :) The burger tasted just as good as it looks.

The baja chicken sandwich ended up being delicious but way to much heat for Ella to handle.

A combination of the chipotle bun.. chipotle mayo.. and jack cheese was just a little too much for Ella but perfect for me :)

Spicy Food Photo Guide
Drink lotsa cold water

Swish it around a lot.


All is good now :)

This was our second trip to Smashburger and we still love it. With Five Guys down the street and Firebirds across the parking lot… Smashburger is perfectly nestled in the middle ground in the south Charlotte burger arena.


Ps. We were even lucky enough to scored some Smashburger gift certificates while we were there :).

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