Salsaritas Worlds Hottest Burrito featuring the Carolina Reaper

How do you get the Worlds Hottest Burrito? Easy… mix in the Worlds Hottest Pepper and you’ve got the Worlds Hottest Burrito. The Guinness Book of World Records recently awarded PuckerButt Pepper Co. of Fort Mill, SC with the highly esteemed honor for its Carolina Reaper pepper. Charlotte, NC based Salsarita’s decided to team up with PuckerButt Pepper Co. and thus the Worlds Hottest Burrito was born.


I hit them up the day after it was announced (mostly because there was a free t-shirt involved) and despite the crappy FCP editing mishap I’ve got the footage below. The burrito was hot, but not as hot as I was expecting. On my 1-10 scale it topped at a 3ish and left me wishing it had been more of a challenge. Chek out Salsarita’s soon and give it a shot yourself, comment below and let us know what you think.


  1. Hermel Vidana says:

    Kinda weird watching somebody eat for five minutes.

  2. the Foodies says:

    uncut it was over eight minutes… imagine how weird that would have been :)

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