Ru Sans

If you want good sushi you should go to Japan.. or if you’re tight on cash and don’t have the time to fly, you could just go to Ru Sans located in Charlotte’s luxurious Dilworth Neighborhood.

We hit them up on a Monday night and got a table right away. They were maybe at half capacity and from what we could see it looked liked everybody was having a good time. Our waitress was at our table within minutes to take our drink order and a couple minutes later we had drinks in hand and we’re ready to order.

Ella got the Fire Cracker Maki which was white & red tuna rolled with sushi rice flash fried, shiro maguro, aka maguro remains rare and a spicy red sauce with a touch of aoili. I got the Sesame Dusted Chicken with Crispy Yakisoba Soy Mustard Cream Sauce. We were served a couple salads and soup for starters which were all delicious but still average as to what we’ve had before.

Ellas Fire Cracker Maki was plated and prepared artfully but proved to be quite filling as Ella was unable to finish :(

My Sesame Dusted Chicken had tender chicken breast marinated with soy and mirin, crusted with sesame seeds and was wok fried. It came tossed with a mustard cream sauce and was served over crispy yakisoba noodles. The whole plate was delicious but I still found some room for critiques.. The mustard cream sauce was amazing but the crispy yakisoba noodles had a way of getting the cream sauce all over my face with every bite I took. I’m a fan of rice.. but plain white rice is pretty boring and lacks any real significant flavor, maybe fried rice next time.

Ru Sans may not be the best Japanese food ever.. but its pretty good and its a lot cheaper than flying to Japan. If you’re in the area and have a craving for some sushi you should definitely check out Ru Sans :)

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