Rooster’s Wood-Fired Kitchen

As you all know, we love to go out to eat and we do it a lot… over 200 different restaurants this year. Unfortunately this is a very expensive habit, so whenever we get the chance to use a coupon we jump on it. That is exactly what we did when we saw the Living Social deal for Roosters. Ella had been there before for a work related dinner and had a great time so we were exited about our dinner, but it didn’t take long for that excitement to fade and fizzle into a sea of disappointment.

First off.. WE HATE DIM LIGHTING!!!!!!

It messes with the pictures and its hard to read a menu in the dark. So right from the beginning we were off to a bad start. Shortly after we were seated the waiter brought us a basket of bread slices and a small bowl olive oil. Neither of which were worth remembering and our night was still waiting for a spark.

Ella started off the night with the house caesar salad which was decent but just a little light on the ceasar dressing.

For my app I went with the Roasted Chicken pizza. Aside from the burnt crust it was one of the better parts of the night. The toppings were flavorful and had it not been burnt it may have been an excellent pizza.

For her entree Ella got the Potato gnocchi with a rabbit confit. The gnocchi was light, fluffy, came with a really  delicious sauce and a crispy confit. Our only complaint with this dish was the ridiculously small size. For an $11 pasta we were expecting a full bowl that would be a hearty dinner. What we got instead was hardly big enough to be an appetizer.

I got the steak burger for my entree which may have been alright.. had it not been served nearly raw. When the waiter asked how I liked my burger to be cooked I replied ” medium well ” instead it came out juicy, red, and bloddy with a light sear.

I also got a side of Pan Fried Corn which was one of the better dishes of the night.

My burger came with a side of onion rings which were greasy, lightly battered, and not worth finishing.

Ella got the Caramel Cake for dessert and after one bite declared it inedible. For my perspective it was extremely sweet and had the tezture of pure butter.

I went with the Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream because I wanted to compare it with the one we got at the Kings Kitchen a few weeks ago. The final verdict.. a lot of chocolate, not enough peanut butter crunch, and the ice cream still melts way to fast to be enjoyed throughout the dish.

Before we left I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the very creepy wall of roosters

We didn’t like Roosters much and for the time being can’t recommend that anyone waste their time trying it. If you love it.. thats great, but for the creepy rooster wall, dim lighting, burnt food, raw food, and small portions we do not recommend.

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