Qdoba Mexican Grill

If you were lucky enough to walk into a Qdoba Mexican Grill on the 19th… you would have got free chips with queso or guacamole. For me it wasnt so much luck as it was precise planning :)

I’ve been to Qdoba Mexican Grill  dozens of times but I hit them up today just for that reason. If you’ve never been to Qdoba… its best described as a Subway with burritos and tacos instead. You go through a line.. tell them what you want.. tell them what toppings you want.. add chips or a drink.. pay and you’re done. I’m a HUGE fan of these quick service chain restaurants and would easily rank Qdoba and Chipotle Mexican Grill as my two favs. Qdoba has one of the best chicken burritos you can find anywhere and with the addition of free chips and guacamole.. I couldnt resisit it tonight.

I got my Qdoba favorite, a chicken burrito with black beans, cilantro lime rice, extra hot salsa, corn salsa, cheese, lettuce and sour cream… yummy!!!!

The burrito is amazing to say the least. I might be shunned by other Mexican food enthusiast but the truth is… Chipotle and Qdoba make better burritos and tacos than most authentic Mexican restaurants in the queen city. The chips are as plain as can be but the guacamole is on point and made exactly the way it should be.

To say that Qdoba is better than most Mexican restaurants isn’t saying they are amazing.. its saying the Mexican restaurants on the east coast have a bit further to go to even come close to being where they need to be. Until then I will happily support my burrito and taco addiction at Qdoba Mexican Grill :)
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