Prices Chicken Coup

, Making my way over to Price’s Chicken Coup has taken WAY too long. After a day of burning calories by running around and kayaking at the USNWC my lovely assistant and I decided to stuff our faces with Price’s fried chicken :) Located in Charlotte, NC’s Historic Southend community, Prices Chicken Coup is the place to go for fried chicken. I got the 1/4 chicken dark and potato salad, Ella H. got the 1/4 chicken white and a sweet tea.

Let me start with the sweet tea, I’m a sweet tea light weight. I grew up on unsweet tea and it wasn’t till I moved to Charlotte that I ever discovered sweet tea. If your a southern native the tea is probably just right… if not, be prepared for a sweet kick in your face. The 1/4 chicken dark and 1/4 chicken white both came with cole slaw, tater tots, hush puppies and a roll. The chicken was definitely the star of the show and the reason everybody love Prices Chicken Coup. Crispy and cooked to perfection, Prices fried chicken was some of the best Ive ever had. The tater tots were surprisingly addictive and the cole slaw was delicious! The hush puppies, potato salad and the roll were all about average.

If you’re running around Charlotte’s Southend neighborhood and looking for an excuse to break your diet, check out Price’s Chicken Coup!

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