Papi Queso (Charlotte Food Truck)

On a recent rainy morning we were driving around looking for something to eat with nothing particular in mind. Then it happened… we passed the Papi Queso truck while it was heading down Central. It didn’t even take a second for us to look at each other and know a gourmet grilled cheese was just what we needed.

We looked up their facebook, followed them on twitter while we were slowly stalking them on the way towards Uptown. Once they stopped we looked over the extensive grilled cheese menu and ordered the “Pig Mac”, the “French Onion” and some Tomato & Tarragon Soup.



Given the miserable weather we opted for taking our grub back home and enjoying it while finishing off a season of Dexter. With sandwich bliss in hand we turned on Dexter and sank our teeth into our grilled cheese’s. Both sandwiches were delicious but one sandwich stood above the other… the PIG MAC! Its a grilled cheese sandwich with Mac & Cheese , Carolina Pulled Pork, and Bourbon Onions.




Papi Queso made such an impression on us we decided to mark this as the beginning of a new section on our blog… aptly named “Food Truck”. Charlotte has many amazing food trucks and across the nation some of the best food is popping up everywhere except in a restaurant. If you haven’t hit up a local truck lately you should give them a shot :)


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