Papa’s and Beer

While zip-lining in Asheville for our Three Year Anniversary we stopped by one of Asheville’s Highest Rated (Urbanspoon) restaurants… Papa’s and Beer.

We got there a little after lunch time and were quite pleased to find absolutely no wait. We still had a long drive ahead of us to get back to Charlotte and the thought of waiting for food.. sitting and eating.. then getting on the road for three hours wasn’t sounding all that much fun.

Luckily for us we walked in and were seated immediately.

Wait.. whats this… a SALSA BAR!!!!!!

After the server brought out some chips and been dip we asked if there were any salsa choices for the chips and they kindly pointed us in the direction of the vast salsa bar. There were maybe 10 different flavors ranging from mild to hot.. but nothing over the top.

I got the Chilaquiles because of all of the Mexican food I’ve eaten over the years.. IHAVE NEVER SEEN THIS ON A MENU. Which is a shame because the dish was amazing. All I ever see on menu’s are the same old boring Mexican restaurant standards… enchiladas, tacos, burritos, nachos, burgers and french fries, I honestly don’t believe Mexicans eat one of those things every day of the year. So it was a blessed surprise to see something new on a menu and I ate it up :)

For those dont dont know what a chilaquiles is… well at Papas and Beer its a big pile of grilled chicken, corn tortilla strips, a fried egg, some salsa, cheese, and a sauce I forgot the name of.. but it might have been molcajete sauce. As with most dishes this dish can vary depending on the region it reflects.

Ella went with the chicken flauta which she thought was both mouth watering and stomach filling.. but the plate needed two instead of just one.

Quick service, big portions, cheap pricing.. we’ve only been to one Mexican restaurant in Asheville (Papas and Beer) and after our first trip I don’t think we will ever go anywhere else. If you’re int he are its definitely worth getting off the highway and getting some food.

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  1. Happy belated 3-year anniversary. (:

    I was pulling up the menu for Papas and Beer, and you’re review came up as well. What caught my eye was your comment that you’ve never seen chilaquiles on a menu before. Now, we’re from Texas, and I’ve eaten at Papas and Beer before. I can’t even imagine what their chilaquiles are like.

    That said, I’ll have to give them a try just to be fair. Regardless, you must get yourself to Texas to try some proper breakfast chilaquiles with a nice, spicy chili verde and crunchy tortilla strips! Nothing like it after a late night. (:

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