On the Border Mexican Grill

Although not exactly authentic Mexican cuisine, On the Border Mexican Grill still delivers strong flavors and can put alot of traditional Mexican restaurants to shame. I’ve been here plenty of times over the years but figured since we just launched the new site… we should write a new review for On the Border Mexican Grill. We walked in and sat immediately… guess it helps to only be a group of two :) The chips and salsa came quickly and for the first time ever the salsa was unusually spicy, which put a smile on my face.

After a trip to Abuelo’s Mexican Food Embassy at Myrtle Beach, we fell in love with a ranch guacomole creation and found something that sounded similar on the menu so we gave it a shot. Unfortunately there seemed to be some cunfusion… the ranch guacomole dip comes as a trio in an appitizer dish, but we only wanted the ranch guacomole dip and asked if we could just order that. They said sure no problem and proceeded to bring us out the whole tro appitizer of three containers of ranch guacomole dip… which was way more than we could eat and not at all what we were looking for. We told them there was a mistake and we had only wanted one ranch guacomole dip… not a trio of them. They took the other two back but after a couple minutes brought them back as if they forgot we didnt want them… we still didnt want them so we sent it back again.

After the guacomole trio debacle and careful deliberation we decided to give the taco stand tacos a shot and see how they stack up to a traditional Mexican restaurant. Between the two of us we split the:

  • Achiote Chicken – griled chicken marinated in achiote spice, fresh orange & lime juice. Topped with red onion, grilled pineapple and cilantro
  • Pork Guajillo – slow cooked pulled pork with jack cheese, grilled onions, cilantro and a guajillo steak sauce
  • Beef Brisket – smoked beef brisket with jack cheese, jalapeno bbq sauce and crispy fried onion strings
  • Southwest Chicken – mesquite grilled chicken with cheddar cheese, red chili sauce and crispy fried onion strings
  • Grilled Mahi Mahi – seasoned mahi mahi fillet with a creamy red chili sauce, shredded cabbage, cheese and pico de gallo

The only unfortunate part of both plates were the average and ordinary side of rice and beans. A recurring theme in all of my Mexican food reviews… I hate rice and beans on the side and challenge Mexican restaurants to think outside the norm and develop new and interesting side items. I don’t get why all Chinese food has to come with an egg roll… why all American food comes with french fries and all Mexican food comes with rice and beans!!!!.

With that said, all of the tacos were amazing. Strong flavors and unique ingredient parings made for some delicious tacos that rank pretty high on my list of great tacos. The beef brisket seemed a little closer to American bbq wrapped in a tortilla than anything Mexican, but it was good none the less. The achiote chicken and southwest chicken were both good but inevitably they were still chicken and couldn’t match the flavor of the pork guajillo taco. The pork guajillo taco was by far the best of the five we got for the night and next time I go I might just get five of them all for myself :) The grilled mahi mahi was, light and refreshing and went well with the guacamole ranch dip.

Although On the Border Mexican Grill is far from being your tradional Mexican restaurant, it still delivers amazing flavors and unique twist on the ordinary. If you’re looking to get a great taco in south Charlotte check out On the Border Mexican Grill and the taco stand tacos.

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