Nom Nom Burger

Nom Nom Burger recently opened in the same location as the former Wam Asian Grill across from the Park Rd Shopping Center in Charlotte, NC. The “cursed” location use to be a Mama Fu’s Asian House but it closed… then it became a Wam Asian Grill but then it closed… and now its a Nom Nom Burger (asian inspired burgers). I’m hoping the “third times a charm” phrase holds true for Nom Nom because after going twice in the same week I’m definitely a Nom believer :)


The menu is decked out with an array of asian inspired gourmet burgers than range anywhere from basic Nom Nom Burger with teriyaki sauce and Shitake mushrooms to the Peeking Duck with duck breast, smoked pork belly and hoisin bbq sauce. Appetizers range between pot stickers and tempura shrimp to sweet potato fries or calamari.

On my two trips to Nom Nom I’ve tried the Nom Nom sliders, the Nom Nom burger, the Nom Nom wings, the Bonzai wings, the pot stickers, the jalapeno fries, and the sweet potato fries. I know that sounds like a shit-ton of food but Im a moderately trained professional and theres no end to my hunger. To keep this short and sweet… the Nom Nom Sliders were awesome, the Nom Nom burger was delicious (despite having mushrooms), the Nom Nom wings were okay, the Bonzai wings were definitely the better of the two, the pot stickers are freaking awesome, the jalapeno fries were tremendously disappointing, and the sweet potato fries were decent.

Its hard to describe Nom Nom without just telling you to try it out yourself. Theres nothing in the Queen City that even comes close to Nom Nom and its pretty obvious the moment you look over the menu. They’ve got my seal of approval and I can only hope this restaurant can survive the obvious curse that has plagued the location.

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