Nan & Byron’s

So… you’ll have to excuse the lack of detail in this recap. Shortly after going to Nan & Byron’s my lovely partner went into labor and we’ve been a little pre-occupied for the last couple months. This is what I remember about our night at Nan & Byron’s… after a few failed attempts at going to Tupelo Honey Cafe we finally gave up and drove over to Nan & Byron’s.

I remember the dessert leaving us feeling a little sad, the french fries were delicious (especially when drowning in ranch), and the burger… a burger is something I never forget. I got the Farmhouse Half Pounder with smoked poblano cheese, a house-made bbq sauce, and bacon. This was a Top Ten burger easily and worth every bit of the $13 price tag.

Had our child not been born… I probably would have gotten around to writing this in much more detail much sooner than this. But life is unpredictable and now I’m a father :) Happy adventures fellow foodies!



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