Monsoon Thai Cuisine

Monsoon Thai Cuisine just took the top ranking for our pick as Best Thai Cuisine in Charlotte! It wasn’t all that hard either, they just made great food, made it hot, and gave us some pad thai sauce to take home with our leftovers. Maybe a little back story is appropriate at this point.

Last month we went to Basil Thai Cuisine and had one of the worst dinner endings ever. We had a decent dinner at Basil, paid a hefty price, then the manager refused to let us take home any pad thai sauce for our leftovers. We left in such a bad mood that we added Basil to our very very short Restaurant Shit List (theres now three on the list). Enough about Basil… this is all about Monsoon Thai Cuisine.

We hit up Monsoon a couple weeks ago and tried the fried dumplings, the satay, and of course.. the pad thai. The fried dumplings and satay were average and not much to write about.



Ella’s pad thai was traditional and some of the best she’s ever had. The serving size was so big she was still eating leftover two days later.


I (Curtis) added pineapples to my pad thai and requested they make it 4 star spicy. Much to my surprise it actually came out spicy and I would recommend the average consumer start at a 1 or 2 and work your way up depending on your tolerance.


The best part of the night… when we asked for some pad thai sauce to take home with our leftovers the lady said no problem I’ll bring you two :) Fuck You Basil, Monsoon is our pick for the Queen City’s top Thai.

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