Miro Spanish Grille

Miro Spanish Grille in South Charlotte has been on our target list for a long time… but not any longer. We finally made our way to Miro recently and well… wow, this place rocks.

The decor was a touch underwhelming and the service seemed a bit dry but the food was over the top amazing. I (Curtis) got the “Entrecote con Chimichurri” NY strip steak which came topped with a chimichurri sauce and was served with a small side of garlic mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes were forgettable but the strip steak and chimichurri is making my mouth water while typing. The steak was tender, juicy, thick, cooked beautifully, and the chimichurri was abundantly flavorful.


Ella got the “Carne de las costillas cortas” oven braised beef short ribs in white wine with potatoes and carrots, topped with a natural al jus and served with sautéed green beans. The braised beef was incredibly soft and pulled apart with the greatest of ease. What we loved most about this dish was the combination of bold colors on the plate and the the balance of fresh veggies with the braised short ribs.


The couple sitting next to us was so intrigued with all of the photos I had been taking of our food that they offered their food up for the photo spotlight. I never got a chance to taste their dish (Vieiras Chilindron Sautéed scallops topped with fresh tomatoes and peppers sauce, served with seasoned white rice) but it looked gorgeous. Unfortunately (for me) I just cant bring myself to like seafood and if these were the best scallops in the world… they would be wasted on my palate.


Miro Spanish Grille was absolutely delicious and an easy recommendation for South Charlotte. If you have ever been to Miro and have any recommendations about what we should get the next time we go (because we definitely will be going back) shoot us an email or leave us a comment below.

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