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While sitting at home on the couch trying to figure out where in the world to go this week, we had a sudden and rare stroke of glorious genius! Being the culinary celebrity that she is, Ella suddenly remembered that she knew several JWU classmates that have worked at one of Charlotte’s most distinctive restaurants. So our restaurant pick for this week… the much acclaimed Mimosa Grill in Uptown.

The inside of Mimosa Grill is decorated with an abundance of natural stone and wood, but without giving it a “bat cave” feel. Instead it feels like a sophisticated and elegant dining hall.

Long dining tables and an open kitchen really set the feel of the restaurant apart from many other places in town.

Spot lighting really helps to keep the experience more personal and limits the extent of excessive lighting.

All of the tables were topped with a fresh bunch of colorful flowers that contrasted with the stone and wood throughout the restaurant.

Our waitress kicked things off by bringing a small basket of fresh made biscuits and apple / pear butter. Which were freaking delicious!!!!!!!!! Foodie Favorite… Best butter in Charlotte goes to Mimosa Grill

I started out the night with the Crispy BLT Sliders app. The plate came with braised pork belly, southern slaw, cornmeal dusted green tomatoes and a jalapeño aioli sandwiched between a pair of buns. I found my buns (lol) to be slightly dried out, maybe even a little stale? But it did have braised pork in it and everything is better with pork right ;)

Then we indulged in the Carolina Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes with sweet corn and bacon aioli, crispy fingerling chips, frisee and grilled red onion salad. The crab cakes were phenomenal. They’re made with a mixture of crab and smoked trout which mellows out the crab flavor and adds a very subtle smoky flavor inside a nice and crispy fried shell. The aioli was delicious and with the addition of bacon it is easy to see why. The fat from the aioli and the fried crab cakes were balanced perfectly by the light and acidic salad with sweet grilled onions.

Without warning we were brought a very unexpected plate of stuffed Georgia hushpuppies with rock shrimp, crawfish and creamed leeks. We were told the dish was one of the “must try” items on the menu and after the first bite we could easily see why. The hushpuppies were some of the biggest we’ve ever seen and they were hollowed out to make room for a unique cajun infused filling. The only downside we saw to the dish was that the hushpuppy filling wasn’t utilized at all :(

For her entree Ella went with the 48-Hour Painted Hills Short Ribs with creamy leek and Anson Mills farro risotto, baby carrots & beef sauce.

These short ribs are definitely a new addition to the foodie favorites. The short ribs were so soft they were falling apart just sitting at the table. The risotto was soft and creamy but still had just enough crunch. The whole dish was warm and soft and oh, so comforting she wanted to crawl inside the bowl and curl up for a nap :)

Is it appropriate to eat pork sliders for an app and a wagyu burger for dinner?

You betcha!

For my dinner I went with the “MG” Rock House Farm Wagyu Burger with foie gras butter, pork belly, grilled red onions, Red Dragon Cheddar, and a side of truffle Parmesan fries.. Being my first experience with wagyu beef I can’t say I noticed any difference at all in the beef but the burger as a whole was definitely on point.

The truffle Parmesan fries.drowned in some ranch dressing quickly became one of the favorites on the table.

No dinner is complete without the addition of some sweets, so we wrapped up the night with the dessert round.

I went with the Apple Cheesecake which had graham crackers, Vermont Creamery fromage blanc and a local apple chutney. The serving size was perfectly portioned for being our third course and if it had been any bigger we may have popped. The cheesecake was light and creamy without being overly thick and filling. The apple chutney was so uber delicious our only complaint was that there wasn’t enough of it.

Ella got the Banana & Chocolate Creme Brulee with torched sugar and burnt bananas. The brulee had a thick and creamy texture with a rich chocolate flavor and a subtle banana aftertaste. The sugar on top added a crunchy texture and light carmel finish.

It was delicious and the perfect ending to an absolutely wonderful dinner.

One of Ella’s classmates from JWU is Timothy Devoure, who is now the sous chef at Mimosa, so naturally we had to get a photo with the sous chef. Coming from the same graduating class as Ella we’re glad to see him making such a significant name for himself so quickly in the Charlotte dining scene.

While walking out we passed through this large vaulted atrium and couldn’t resist getting a picture of it :)

Mimosa Grill was definitely a hit and an easy recommendation. We really like their “Farm to Fork” approach to dining and the significance they place on natural and fresh ingredients. Mimosa Grill will be welcoming nationally-celebrated chef Chris Hastings on Saturday, March 10, for a special day of culinary collaboration. So if you haven’t checked them out yet Its the perfect opportunity to see the talent at Mimosa in action.

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