Midnight Diner

After driving around for felt like hours looking for a place to eat on a Sunday afternoon (everybody was closed) we finally came across the Midnight Diner. The place is straight out of the 1950’s / 60’s and the staff was probably the friendliest I’ve ever encountered. We weren’t the hungriest we had ever been so we opted for a couple of Nathans hot dogs with a side of onion rings and potato salad.

I got a hot dog with chili, slaw and mustard and my lovely sidekick got a hot dog covered in slaw. Both were delicious, the chili and slaw on mine was addictive and the hot dog covered in slaw was mouthwatering. The potato salad was good and the onion rings were borderline amazing. The bill was less than $10 for the both of us and we would easily recommend the Midnight Diner.

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