Maverick Rock Taco

Our trip to Maverick Rock Taco started as a last minute idea when our reservations for Cowfish Sushi Bar at Southpark ended up disappearing. Not wanting to wait around for 30+ minutes for an open table we scrambled to find a suitable replacement. It didn’t take long for my belly to start suggesting Mexican food and I quickly remembered our friend Fervent Foodie of had recently visited a new spot on Montford Dr. called Maverick Rock Taco and LOVED IT!!!

Maverick Rock Taco

Considering how much we loved Good Food on Montford and 10 Park Lanes (also on Montford Dr.) we figured it was possible Montford Dr may have spawned another foodie hotspot and we should check them out. So we ditched Cowfish and made our way over to Maverick Rock Taco.

Maverick Rock Taco6

My first impression when walking into Maverick’s was that I was obviously in the wrong place for Mexican food. The walls are decorated with colorful and even somewhat tacky Americana themed designs with the central theme being Rock n’ Roll. There were airbrushed images of Freddie Mercury, Ozzy, Bob Marley, KISS, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, etc… all over the walls and a massive American Flag covering an entire hallway wall.

It only took a glance at the menu to confirm we were in fact at a Mexican food joint. We kicked off the night with chips and salsa, chips and guacamole, and the chili con queso fritters. The chips were average, the salsa was bland, and the guacamole was too salty.

Maverick Rock Taco2

Maverick Rock Taco3


The fritters… well… the fritters were absolutely delicious! They might be best described as a cheesy Mexican hushpuppy. They were balls of Mexican cheese and crispy chorizo over a bed of shredded cabbage and topped with a habanero glaze.

Maverick Rock Taco4

For dinner we tried the clay pot enchilada with beef short rib, the Dos Equis braised short rib torta, a carne asada burrito, the chorizo taco, the chimichurri skirt steak taco, and the mojo carnitas taco.

Maverick Rock Taco11

All three tacos were delicious but the carnitas taco stood out thanks to its pineapple mango salsa and habanero glaze. The chorizo taco came with cotija cheese, crema fresca, and potatoes in a double layered corn tortilla. It was good but the potatoes were cold and it turned me off of the taco quickly. The chimichurri skirt steak taco came with pickled onions, avocado crema, and a tomatillo-avocado salsa. Once again the taco was decent but the steak was a little tough and without the pickled onions I may not have finished the taco.

The Dos Equis brased short rib torta was one of the best dishes we had experienced in a long time. The torta was griddle baked and filled with poblano rojas, chihuahua cheese, pickled onions, mixed greens, pico de gallo, black beans, a jalapeno cream and served with spicy cilantro fries. The fries weren’t spicy at all but that didn’t stop them from being freaking awesome!

Maverick Rock Taco7


Maverick Rock Taco8

The clay pot enchiladas came with braised short ribs, smoked tomato salsa, oaxaca cheese, chihuahua cheese, crema fresca and served with charro beans, poblano green rice, and mexican street corn. The corn was on the right track but was too squishy and there was nowhere near enough crema fresca for the dish. Other than that… the dish was great and I could easily eat it over and over again.

Maverick Rock Taco10

The carne asada burrito was wrapped in a flour tortilla and stuffed with a blend of Mexican cheeses, roasted corn, charro beans, poblano rice, lettuce, and a green chili ranch sauce. The burrito had too many beans, was overall bland and pretty forgettable.

Maverick Rock Taco9

Despite being owned by the same people as Ilios Noche (we hated) and Big View Diner (nothing special), we really liked Maverick Rock Taco. The food was fresh, inventive, and full of bold flavors that we can easily get behind. It may not be authentic Mexican food but it might be some of the best Tex-Mex we’ve had in the Queen City.


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