Matt’s Chicago Dog (Cornelius)

I was in the Lake Norman area a few weeks ago and stopped in Matt’s Chicago Dog to grab some grub. The GIANT banner out front said they were Now Open! (again) so I figured I’d drop in and see what they had. Anytime I find a hot dog restaurant I’m hoping it will rekindle the love I had for hot dogs back when I was a kid living in Cali and enjoying the grandeur of Wienerschnitzel! My memory may have slightly inflated its greatness over the years but I’m still looking for a hot dog that will make me smile like a little boy :)


Even though Im a native to the City of Angels… the Queen City has made me fall in love with damn near anything “Carolina Style”. The Carolina Dog at Matt’s is made using an all beef skin-on frank inside of a freshly steamed poppy seed bun. Then it’s topped traditional Carolina Style with chili, mustard, onion and cole slaw.


The steamed bun was probably my favorite part of the hot dog and the one thing that really stood out to me. For the most part the hot dog was just average. It wasn’t HOLY SHIT THAT WAS DELICIOUS!!!! and it certainly wasn’t bad either. It was just an average Carolina style hot dog with an above average steamed bun.


Given the lack of hot dog options in and around the Queen City I’d probably go back to Matt’s the next time Im in the area and craving a hot dog. Otherwise I’ll stick to going to JJ’s Red Hots or making my own hot dogs over a camp fire :)

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