Mac’s Speed Shop BBQ

Mac’s Speed Shop BBQ is definitly some of the best BBQ in charlotte. Mac’s is right outside Dilworth on South blvd, only a couple minutes from Uptown Charlotte. Be prepared to fight for parking at Mac’s because they are always packed and you may have to park at the empty lot beside it. On my trip I only 5 minutes for a table during the lunch hour rush and my order was taken pretty quickly after I was seated. I had the pulled pork bbq sandwich with a side of potato salad and tobasco fried pickles for the appitizer.

The fried pickles were great, although my personal preference lends to a slightly thinner slice of pickle and a thicker batter for a better crunch. The potato salad had huge chunks of red potato and plenty of creamy mayo which made it the perfect side item. The pulled pork sandwich was awesome…. juicy and tender cooked to perfection. I put a generous amoount of the red bbq sauce all over it and i felt like it was heaven.
Mac’s Speed Shop BBQ delivers a five star experience and I highly recommended you check it out.


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