Lupita Tortilleria y Carniceria

Thanx to an email we received from Foodies follower Jonny Dunn, we are proud to announce the BEST CARNITAS IN CHARLOTTE! Our carnita quest started over a year ago in Richmond, VA when we had the most mouthwatering inconceivably amazing carnitas and decided we had to find a worthy title holder in Charlotte, NC.

Lupita Tortilleria y Carniceria isn’t a restaurant however, rather its a carniceria (as the name implies) and when you first walk in you’re greeted by the cashier at the door and the guys behind the counter are more than helpful with deciding what to get. I already knew exactly what I was there for… the carnitas :) I ordered a pound of carnitas for only $6.95. a dozen tortillas, a Manzanita Sol Apple Soda, Home-made salsa verde and Fud Mexican crema for only $14


The carnitas were instantly our favorite. From the first bite to the last, every piece was crispy, fatty, juicy, mouthwatering pork greatness! No restaurant in Charlotte has come close to matching what this carniceria can produce. The tortillas were made in house and were the perfect companion for the carnitas. The Manzanita Sol Apple soda was like carbonated apple juice… i guess for some it may be a personal preference, I loved it tho! The carnitas wouldn’t have been complete without the addition of the salsa verde and crema. Both were amazingly fresh and authentic.

If you’re in the mood to try the best carnitas in Charlotte, check out Lupita Tortilleria y Carniceria. Whether you speak English or Spanish, the guys behind the counter are more than happy to help and the food they prepare is out of this world :)

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