Lexington Barbecue

If you live in NC, chances are you’ve heard of Lexington style bbq. It tends to be almost unanimously referred to as being the epitome of NC BBQ and the “go to” place for the best bbq there is. Needless to say we’ve heard all the hype and decided since we were in the area we should check out the restaurant with the most fitting name.. “Lexington Barbecue”..

After a quick glance a the menu we got the bbq sandwich and a side of hushpuppies. Unfortunately neither the sandwich or the hushpuppies were anywhere close to what we were expecting. The bbq sandwich was no better than bbq you would find at Cook Out and the hushpuppies were awful. No flavor, no sauce, no effort, and no idea why anybody would eat here. If you grew up with it I could see why you would love it but for us we just thought it fell way short of what we were expecting.

I’m sure the hoards of NC bbq lovers are going to send plenty of angry emails about this review but it won’t change our opinion. We’ve had some pretty amazing bbq and none of it has been from Lexington yet. Next time we’re going to Speedys.

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  1. john smith says:

    Sorry you didn’t like your meal. Go to Speedy’s if you like. Maybe electric cooked BBQ is for you, but real Lexington style BBQ is pit cooked. At least try BBQ Center or Smokey Joe’s. They pit cook.

  2. I have to agree with the Foodies opinion of Lexington BBQ; tasteless, bland and not worth the hype.
    The minced pork had an odd consistency comparable to mush. Was it really pork? I ate a few bites and that’s all I could stomach. I know this is a famous restaurant; however, growing up in Kansas City has spoiled my tastebuds for the true rich Smokey flavor of slow cooked BBQ. If you’re from the Midwest, skip Lexington BBQ.

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