Johnny’s Red Bowl

Every now and then a girl needs a lunch date with one of her best girl friends. A chance to sit, drink, talk about anything and everything, and forget about real life. Last week a friend of mine and I did just that, and we did it at Johnny’s Red Bowl. We were there for lunch on a Wednesday so the place was pretty slow which meant we were seated quickly and got great service. I didn’t have to look through the drink menu long to find the cocktail I wanted … a Cosmopolitan, very sex in the city of me I know, but I thought it was fitting and delicious!

We started the meal with a couple of bowls of wonton soup. It came with three huge soft wontons and a delicious warm chicken broth. It was a little salty which I like, but may be off putting for some.

I got the sesame chicken with broccoli and fried rice. The chicken was crispy and juicy with a delicious sauce. The broccoli was tender, but I found myself wishing I had more. The best thing about this dish was the portion size. For a lunch entree it was huge and I had plenty to take home and eat for lunch the next day.The Sesame chicken also came with an egg roll which was good as egg rolls go, but there was nothing really exciting in the roll itself. What I did really like was the sauces that came with it. There was a mustard sauce and a duck sauce, both of which were very good and went well with the egg roll.

My friend got the sweet and sour chicken with fried rice. She was nice enough to let me steal a few bites. The chicken had a light batter and was fried nice and crispy. The sweet and sour sauce was pretty regular but they gave her a huge bowl of it which I always like.

I have been to Johnny’s Red Bowl a couple of times (usually for sushi) and I have always had a good meal.The prices aren’t too bad and they usually have some kind of deal going on. We had a buy one get one free coupon and with already low lunch prices we ended up having a wonderful lunch for a great price. All in all it was the girl friend lunch date that we both needed and enjoyed.

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