Johnny Burrito

I just got back from trying Johnny Burrito and I am stuffed. They are located under the wachovia buiding, so dont be surprised if you keep driving by and cant figure out why your gps says ur there but you dont see anything :) The place appeared to have a steady flow of people at lunch time but the line moved quickly.

I got the regular size spicy pork burrito with nearly everything on it and it was HUGE… I liked that you payed up front and then built the burrito however you wanted without the fear of every topping costing you more and more… I asked for them to make it as spicy as possible and they piled high the habeneros and hot sauces. The burrito was so big the side split and they had to rewrap it in another tortilla :) At first bite I knew this was worth the hassle trying to find it, the burrito was great. There were generous portions of toppings and everything taste fresh and delicious.

For anybody rolling around downtown this is an easy recommendation if you want to find yourself facing down a giant burrito :)

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