Jim ‘n Nick’s Barbecue

On our way to enjoy a frightful night at Scarowinds and decided since we were in the area… we should try a new restaurant (imagine that). Jim and Nick’s Barbeque is only a few minutes from Carowinds and was much different than what we had expected.

I was assuming since i had never heard of it before it must be a little mom and pop restaurant, but Jim and NIck’s is a really nice somewhat upscale restaurant that even has a drive through for to go orders. We were seated immediatly and the server was quick to great us and take our order and bring us some cheese biscuits.

We also treated ourselves to some super amazing lemonade :)

We decided to get the 2 meat combo platter with pulled pork, beef brisket, cole slaw and maccaroni and cheese. The first thing that we noticed was that the portion sizes didnt exactly match the $16.00 price tag, but after taking a few bites our dissapointment faded. The pulled pork was tender and smokey and was delicious with the cole slaw on top. The Beef brisket was good but couldnt touch the deliciousness of Midwood Smokehouse. The Mac and cheese was good but nothing special.

There were 2 favorites of the night. First the cheese bisquits. They were sweet and salty with a nice cheddar flavor and they were super light and fluffy. Second was their spicy BBQ sauce. I wouldnt know because it was too spicy for me but Curtis absolutly fell in love.

Jim and Nick’s is certainly not our favorite BBQ joint but we would recommend stopping by if you are in the area.

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