Ilios Noche

I hated Ilios Noche. Ive been once and would only ever go once. I took Ella there for her birthday and was more than disappointed. Before going I made sure to call and make a reservation and inform them it was my girlfriends birthday. When we arrived we got our table right away and thought we were in for a great night.

Our waitress gave us our menus and took our order. I ordered the lamb burger and my girlfriend ordered the braised lamb shank. Thats when it all went down hill… there was no starter given to you while you waited, some bread and butter would have been nice… the food took forever to arrive and immediately I noticed the lack of attention given to my girlfriends plate. When paying almost thirty dollars for food I expect it to look as good as it taste but it didnt. It was a plate of orzo rice with a uninspired blob of lamb plopped in the middle of it.. my burger tasted awful and I felt myself wishing I was at Firebirds.

We both spent the night with empty drinks bc after the food was delivered we didnt see our waitress till she dropped off the check (which we didnt ask for).. with it being my girlfriends birthday we had planned on sampling something off the dessert menu but when the check arrived without the waitress asking if we were done, we decided we should just leave. I was hoping since I called before and made note that It was our first time going and it was for my girlfriends birthday maybe they would take extra care to ensure us a good time.

Unfortunately they didnt,… the food sucked… the staff sucked… and the prices were awful. I will never go back and will make sure I tell everyone I can to stay away from this place.

Update… After writing this review I went ahead and forwarded it to Ilios Noche to give them a chance to reconcile my experience, several weeks later I still have received no response.

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