Hominy Grill (Charleston)

Part – 4 Charleston Foodie Adventure

Hominy Grill is located in a Historic Charleston house but has only been opened since 1996. James Beard Award winning chef/owner Robert Stehling has created a menu featuring low country cooking that combines “traditions of the past with the bounty of land and sea”. We hit up the Hominy Grill on our way out of town and it made for an amazing last stop on our last minute vacation.


Fresh House Granola with bananas & yogurt. As granola with yogurt goes, this was a pretty good one. The granola was made in house and was chock full of yummy dried fruits and crunchy nut and oats. The banana was fresh and they didn’t skimp on the serving. The yogurt was the only thing I felt disappointed by, and only because I assumed it would be vanilla yogurt but it was plain yogurt instead… I like vanilla.


I (Curtis) got the Big Nasty Biscuit with fried chicken breast, cheddar cheese & sausage gravy. Anything on a menu with the name of “Big Nasty” is an obvious must have for me and made for an easy decision. The biscuit was light and crumbly, the fried chicken was perfectly executed, and the cheddar cheese & sausage gravy is the only sausage gravy I’ve ever enjoyed.


Hominy Grill is an easy recommendation for any foodie in the Charleston area and will be a recurring spot for us every time we’re in the area.

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