Ho Ho Cherry House

With Christmas fast approaching I thought it was necessary to do a holiday themed restaurant review.. so I headed over to the Ho Ho Cherry House in Elizabeth for lunch yesterday. For only $4.95 you can pick up whatever the lunch special is for the day and it just so happened the special was the ever so tasty Sa Cha Chicken. I ordered mine extra extra super spicy and after a five minute wait I had my food in hand and I was on my way back to work.

Once I got to work I opened my styrofoam container and prepared the holiday feast for its ultimate demise.

The chicken itself was pretty good, it wasn’t chewy or tough and the fresh veggies were plentiful. The fried rice was a little on the bland side so I might suggest going with plain white rice next time and I didn’t get the extra extra super spicy I was looking for… but all in all it was well worth the $4.95 I paid.

Nothing has come close to comparing with the Chinese at Chen-Fu Chinese Fast Food in Matthews.. but the Ho Ho Cherry House is still worth the trip if you’re in the area.

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