Greco Fresh Grille

After many recommendations online and a raving review from my big sister we decided it was time for us to check out the newest Mediterranean Grille in south Charlotte. Greco Fresh Grille is the latest member of the ever expanding list of Mediterranean style restaurants in south Charlotte that already include: Akropolis Cafe, Zeitouni Grill, Zoes Kitchen, Ilios Noche and the recently closed Ikos. We’ve already hit up every other gyro hotspot this side of Uptown and tonight we added one more to our list :)

Greco fresh grille is located in the sprawling Blakeney shopping center just a few doors down from Five Guys and right next to Brixx pizza.

When you walk in you’ll find a long lunch counter with a great view of the exposed kitchen. They left out all the cheap deco in favor of clean and simple. There’s definitely an authentic street style sidewalk grille vibe from the second you walk in.

Ella got the kefta kabob which was ground beef packed full of fresh herbs and chopped garlic served with tatziki, pita bread and a Greek salad.

The best part of this plate was definitely the Greek salad. It came tossed with red onions, green peppers, tomatoes, olives, feta, and one of the best Greek dressing we have ever had.

The beef had a lot of flavor but seemed to be missing something that we’ve become accustomed to with kebabs…the stick! Once we put it all together in sandwich form with the beef, pita bread and tatziki it was a pretty good dinner.

The Charlotte Observer already gave the lemon oregano fries a raving review so we decided to explore the uncharted waters of Greco’s hand-cut cumin garlic fries.

The french fries came piled high with skins on and seasoned with a light touch of cumin and garlic. It was again love at first bite. The cumin and garlic was too faint for us to pick up on and we really wanted to drown them in ranch dressing , but overall they were really good and very closely resembled the fresh cut fries you get at Five Guys.

We decided to go crazy and order a side of assorted flavored hummus, which we assumed meant it would come out with a few assorted flavors of hummus but apparently we were wrong. .

It was just one flavor… artichoke. It didn’t have a very noticable artichoke flavor at all, but it was a good hummus and even when paired with the lackluster pita bread it still made us smile :)

The traditional lamb gyro came with a generous amount of lamb, thickly sliced red onion, fresh tomatoes, and a generous amount of tatziki sauce rolled up in grilled pita bread and wrapped up street style in aluminum foil.

We thought the gyro was on point both in flavor and in price.  I did, however, end up scraping out all of the red onions but only for personal preference. We can easily say this is the best gyro we’ve found on this side of the 4-85.

Ella isn’t the frequent iced coffee drinker, but she’s had several Greek frappes before and really liked them. The one we got at Grecos definitely did not let her down. .

It had a nice strong coffee flavor with a touch  of sugar and lots of fluffy bubbles

To finish off the night we had to try the oh so irresistible baklava sundae. The first time we had ever had one of these was at the 2011 Greek Festival and it was love at first bite. Greco serves theirs with a full slice of baklava under a mountain of creamy vanilla ice cream. We were a little let down by the dessert… mostly because it didn’t live up to the greatness we had at the Greek Fest. The baklava was a little on the dry side, the dough was nearly impossible to cut with our spoons, and the ice cream had a touch of freezer burn. Next time we’re trying the “Galaktompoureko”, which is a layered phyllo dessert filled with custard farina and a hint of grated orange peel…. sounds delicious :)

On our first trip to Greco Fresh Grille in Blakeney we thought everything was pretty good and worth checking out if you’re in the area. Overall I can easily say we liked it WAY more than Akropolis Cafe but not nearly as much Zeitouni Grill. Give them a shot next time you’re in the area and tell us what you think.

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