Genghis Grill

I absolutely loved Genghis Grill. I stopped by to try this addition to the Ballantyne neighborhood on Memorial day and will probably make this place a regular stop for me when looking for great food in south Charlotte.

When I walked in I was seated quickly and given the “run-down” by the waiter on how Genghis Grill works. I got an empty bowl and was told to fit as much food in it as I wanted. There were lots of options to choose from which made my decision making process long and difficult.

Once I looked at every option they had I opted for a mix of chicken, steak, stir-fry mix, potatoes and pineapples. I put on a huge mound of cayenne pepper and topped of the whole creation with teriyaki sauce. Once I got everything packed into my bowl I handed it off to the grill masters of which cooked my food on a round flat-top right in front of me. After a couple minutes my food was handed back to me cooked to perfection and I was on my way back to my table to enjoy my creation.

I found my bowl to be cooked perfectly, the mixture I chose tasted amazing and I couldnt finish the whole bowl which made for great leftovers the next day.

If you’re in south Charlotte you should definitely try Genghis Grill…. and if you’re not… you should drive to Genghis Grill and try it anyways :)

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