Fuel Pizza Cafe

Fuel Pizza Cafe has been named best pizza in Charlotte for the last… oh I don’t know… like 100 years, and its easy to see why. I have been to Fuel Pizza Cafe on a number of occasions and its easily a personal favorite of mine. Other than Ryan’s Famous Pizza, Fuel Pizza Cafe is easily the best pizza you can get. We went here a couple nights ago before the Panthers and Steelers pre-season game and it made the perfect start to our evening.

The inside of Fuel Pizza is covered in a collection of old gas station memorabilia and other random stuff.

We were with my brother, his girlfriend so we decided to split the huge 19″ pizza and about 15 minutes later…. there was sitting in front of us a monster sized pepperoni and pineapple pizza just waiting to be devoured. The pizza was, as it always is, absolutely delicious! Fresh made pizza crust covered in mouthwatering deliciously stringy cheese with a layer of pepperoni slices and pineapple.

I am a crushed red pepper  and parmesan cheese addict… so I frequently dump large amounts on my pizza and love every bite!

We were running late and wanted to make sure we got to the game in time for the kick-off… the whole pizza was demolished in less than 5 minutes!

Fuel pizza is a pizza heavy weight and a Charlotte tradition. I love everything I have ever eaten and would easily recommend it to anybody looking for great pizza.


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