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Part 3 – Charleston Foodie Adventure

After leaving 39 Rue de Jean we were on the hunt for something deliciously sweet to close out the night. Just a few blocks around the corner we came across the FIG Restaurant. We had recently went to the Fig Tree Restaurant in Charlotte so we figured it was worth at least popping our heads in and checking out the menu. The interior decor was less Fig Tree and a lot more like Good Food on Montford. There is a no wait “community table” near the front door that operates on a first come first serve basis… lucky for us there were two seats open. Unfortunately the lighting was pretty dim and it was dark outside so none of our photos turned out even halfway decent.


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After a few seconds of looking over the dessert menu we ended up going with the Torta Caprese with amaretto ice cream and caramel and the Sticky Sorghum Cake with cinnamon ice cream.


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The Torta Caprese with amaretto ice cream and caramel was created with an old italian family recipe passed down to the pastry chef by her grandmother. How can you resist something like that. The cake itself was essentially flour less chocolate cake with almonds and it was delicious. The amaretto ice cream was a nice pair to the dessert, bringing out the almond flavor from the cake, but I found the amaretto flavor to be a little strong for my liking.

Sticky Sorghum Cake with cinnamon ice cream. The dessert was a play off of a the traditional British dessert sticky toffee pudding with the addition of sweet sorghum syrup (similar to molasses). The sorghum syrup added a depth of flavor to the cake that paired perfectly with the spice from the cinnamon ice cream and the sticky sweet caramel.

FIG was the perfect way to end our day and an easy recommendation for anyone in Charleston.

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