Elizabeth Creamery

After eating a delicious but unexpectedly spicy dinner at Mama Ricotta’s, I needed something to cool me down fast and Curtis knew exactly what that was… Ice cream!

So we headed down to the Elizabeth Creamery.

It’s a very quaint little old fashioned ice cream shop on Elizabeth Street. There however.. was not a nice woman named Elizabeth inside to great us like I was expecting, but instead there was a very friendly Asian man who hand makes all 48 flavors offered at the Elizabeth Creamery. The decision was torturous but eventually we decided on 1 scoop of Mint Oreo and 1 scoop of Butterfinger.

Both flavors were perfectly smooth and creamy and exactly what I was looking for. The mint oreo was the better of the two flavors and taste a lot like mint chocolate chip but without the chocolate chips. Before we left we sampled a curiously named flavor… it was called “Smurf”. Our best description was ice cream mixed with medicine mixed with marshmallows… not nearly our favorite.

We will definately be visiting The Elizabeth Creamery again and if you are ever in the area you should too.
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