El Gato Negro (New Orleans)

Mexican food isnt easy to come by in the french quarter but I wouldnt be much of a food reviewer if I didnt at least hit up one mexican restaurant while on vacation here. So, on my second day in New Orleans I found myself at El Gato Negro  for lunch and found the place to have a cool cantina vibe and a very friendly staff.

The chips were light, crispy, salty and delicious but the salsa was too mild for my taste. The tableside guacomole was delicious and made up for the salsas shortcomings.

I sampled the pulled pork tacos and the carne asada plate both of which were fantastic. The pulled pork taco werent prepared carnitas style and they were a little drier than I like but a little sour cream made them perfect. The carne asada plate was amazing, they used ribeye instead of flank or skirt steak. The meat was juicy, tender and perfectly seasoned. A bowl of chorizo salsa is served on the side and serves as a great topping. The plate is served with a side of beans and rice which couldnt be anymore boring or bland but overall the carne asada plate at el gato negro landed in my top five favorites carne asadas ever.

Lunchtime at El Gato Negro was great and I will be sure to visit everytime im in New Orleans

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