We’ve been to most of Midwood’s hot spots and have been meaning to make our way over to Dish. After seeing Dish on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”.. we couldn’t wait any longer so we went to check it out.

The look and feel when you walk inside is best described as a standard Midwood diner decorated with everything your grandma sold at her yard sale. The staff was more than helpful and most had funky hair, tattoos and piercings. Apparently we chose to come on the day the oven broke so there were several things off limits to use because it couldn’t be made (buscuits).

For the appitizers we started with an order of the Parmesan Potato Cakes and the Fried Green Tomatoes. The Parmesan Potato Cake were two crispy, golden brown cakes served with a side of parmesan peppercorn sauce and the fried green tomatoes came lightly battered and fried with horseradish dill sauce. Both were delicious but the clear winner for the apps was the Parmesan Potato Cakes.

For the entree I decided to go with the cajun meatloaf, mac-n-cheese and mashed potatoes. The meatloaf was a little spicy but not in the cajun way.. just sorta slightly spicy. Overall it was decent but fell way short of anything more than decent. Unfortunately the mashed potatoes fell short also.. Even with the gravy over top they were dry and flavorless. The only success on the plate was the mac-n-cheese with its deliciously cheesy greatness.

We couldnt leave without trying some dessert so we checked out the Vanilla Bourbon Sweet Potato Pie which was AMAZING!!! The desserts are prepared in house by one of the servers and they definitely know what they are doing because these things are on point :)

Dish wasn’t our favorite place.. but certainly not our least favorite. Nothing stood out as memorable however so we can’t recommend the place quite yet.

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