Dippin’ Dots

Dippin’ Dots… the ice cream of the future!!!! I really hope not at least. Not that Dippin’ Dots is bad, its just that its not that good. I couldn’t imagine a future without Yoforia or Marble Slab, it would be a loss of historical proportions!!! Anyway.. we went to Dippin’ Dots after going to the Zeitouni Grill to top off what was already a great night.

I got a combination of cookies and cream with strawberry cheesecake. The flavor of Dippin’ Dots is always sweet and delicious. The only problem I have with Dippin’ Dots is the feeling that they have when you first put them in your mouth… kinda dry and flavorless. Then it quickly melts into a delicious creamy flavor explosion in your mouth.


I hope the future still has Yoforia and Marble Slab because Dippin’ Dots just isn’t going to cut it.


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